NP10/10-140C Anasayfa / Ürünler / CO2 Serisi Yüksek Basınçlı Pompalar
Speck-Triplex High Pressure Plunger Pumps CO2-Version in addition to classical filling of vessels with CO2 from tanks, pumps for circulating supercritical CO2 up to 300 bar input/output pressure are also available. Our pump compressor for gaseous and liquid CO2 can pump oil-free during the gas phase against a vessel pressure of up 70 bar (optimal CO2 recovery). Fields of application are bottle and vessel filling, CO2 jet cleaning, parts cleaning, textile cleaning, CO2-based fabric colouring, and extraction processes.
Type Name: NP10/10-140C
Order N. 00.5307
Flow rate max./min. 5,3
Pressure 140
Speed 1 min/rpm 750
Power kW 0,0



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